Andreea Nemes is a project manager by day, an aspiring writer by night and a reader in the in-between times.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Pontresina, Switzerland

Selected projects

Hungry Workshop

I am currently the Studio Manager at letterpress printing and design studio Hungry Workshop, where I handle client enquiries, coordinate print production and manage design projects.

Barely Managing

A community I founded for managers in the creative industries that hosts events ranging from structured discussions to workshops to casual drinks as a way to learn, up-skill and support each other. Come join our Slack!

Read Your Feelings

A monthly newsletter filled with book recommendations to suit your state of mind from three bookish friends with a lot of feelings. Like a mood ring, but for your bookshelf.

The Saturday Quiz

A project I run with my partner, born from a love of trivia and a lot of extra time in quarantine. We write a weekly quiz delivered via SMS every Saturday morning, to be enjoyed over coffee and breakfast.

Currently reading


by Curtis Sittenfeld

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